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Cambridge International AS & A Level

Year 12 & 13 – Cambridge AS & A Level (17 – 18 years of age)

A Level stands for Advanced Level and AS Level stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level. An AS Level contains half the content of the corresponding A Level and is normally completed in one year. This allows for flexibility, as learners can complete AS Levels as qualifications in their own right. Learners take all the assessments for their full A Level at the end of the second year.

A Levels are highly specialised and a student will normally take three subjects, although occasionally exceptional students take four or five. They are the ‘gold standard’ of Cambridge, and can act as entry qualifications by universities of the European Union and elsewhere around the world. A Level examinations are usually taken after 13 years of education and are based on approximately 360 hours of guided learning per subject, normally over a two year period.

Our school currently offers AS/A Level courses in the following subjects: Art and Design, Biology, Business , Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology.


The Cambridge International A Level is reported on a grade scale from A* (highest) to E (minimum required performance). There is no A* grade for Cambridge International AS Levels, which run from grade A to E. Typical UK university entrance requirements are above three passes at grade C for academic courses in established universities. Very popular courses will often require higher grades.

For example, medical schools in the UK often require grades of AAB and the highly selective universities of Cambridge and Oxford ask for at least a combination of A and A* grades. Good A Level grades can also be a key to admission for all the world's major universities.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about the qualifications we follow you can visit the website of Cambridge Assessment International Education.

*Please be aware that we do not accept private candidates for IGSCE and AS/A Levels examinations.