Dominika Bozsóová

Teacher of Slovak

Dominika graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava with a joint Master’s degree in Slovak Language and Literature and English Language and Literature. During her university studies, she worked in a non-profit organization, Úsmev ako dar, and also as a tourist guide here in Bratislava and in Powis Castle in Wales. She joined CIS as a teacher of Slovak right after her graduation. When having some free time, she loves to be with her family and her 3-year old daughter. She is passionate about books and writing, and loves to travel and explore new places. After 3 years of maternity leave, Dominika is back as a part of the CIS family. She is delighted to see the changes and developments which have been made in her time away and is keen to be part of the direction of CIS. Dominika believes that every child is unique and deserves the highest quality education, the most essential key to a happy and successful future.