Zuzana Roby

Teacher of Business

Zuzana earned her Master’s degree in Economics whilist her doctoral studies focused on International Management. She collaborated with the Methodology Centre in Slovakia to promote Economics education in Slovakia. Zuzana has spent the past 10 years teaching Economics and Business courses at international schools in the Ukraine, Armenia, Germany, and Austria. Zuzana has also taught at the university level, teaching Management courses and Business simulation at the University of Economics in Bratislava, City University of Seattle, and Rennes Business School. Zuzana has been a visiting professor and guest lecturer at universities in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Malta. She is delighted to be developing the Business and Economics programmes at CIS and working to blend the theory and the practical realities of the business world for her students.  She has several hobbies, many of them related to sport and the outdoors.  She enjoys hiking, biking, and travelling with her husband.