Masoud Motlagh

Year 5M Class Teacher

Masoud Motlagh took his Bachelor's degree in Education and later a Master's in Public Administration. He has worked internationally for many years and has taught all age groups for 16 years. He also has 12 years work experience in administration in international organizations, including United Nations agencies, for 7 years of which he was a chief of Finance and Head of Administration. Mr Masoud says: "I love teaching and was born a teacher. Teaching is my passion and I enjoy being in class and with the students. I feel good and proud when I see children learn and grow with me. As a father, I feel the students are like my own children and I want to make a safe and happy environment for them where they can receive education while having fun and enjoying their time in school. I firmly believe good education is the ground on which happy, successful, and healthy societies can be built. Education is a right for all children; good education is a MUST for every child."