Oksana Ivanenko

Teacher of EAL

Oksana completed a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching at Ivan Franko Zhytomyr University in Ukraine. She started her teaching career as a teaching assistant at the British International School in Kyiv where she received unique experience working alongside educators from all around the world. After doing her CELTA, Oksana continued mastering her skills at a language school teaching English to primary students. For the last 5 years she was a part of the Canadian Ukrainian Novopecherska School in Kyiv which is a flagship of educational change and reform implemented across the whole of Ukraine. She believes that the English language is not only a powerful tool for connecting people all around the world but also a key for discovering ourselves through consistent curiosity and readiness to change and evolve. Oksana aims to show her students that learning a language is a fascinating journey with a lot of fun attached. She finds her inspiration in travelling and discovering new cultures.